Pitco Solstice Supreme model SG-14-JS commercial 2 well gas fryer w/ on-board filtration.

State of the art, commercial-grade, high production frying system ready to go to work!


Product highlights:

–       Simple, dependable – Pitco’s best design

–       Most sought after frying system in the industry

–       Solstice Supreme on-board filtration

–       Digital accuracy

–       Basket timers and basket lifts

–       Auto ignition

–       Propane

–       Ultra high performance, tube fired burners

–       Energy Star rated

–       Locking casters

–       90 day warranty that covers everything

–       New discounted internet pricing – $47,178.00 w basket lifts



This listing is for a Pitco 2 well, 4 basket frying system model SG-14-JS Solstice Supreme set up for LP / propane gas. It comes equipped with digital controls, basket lifts, 2 dump stations w/warmers and Pitco’s Solstice filter system – the best when it comes to on-board pump filtration.

Top of the line system…

This is no toy made in China. Pitco equipment is built with pride by American’s in Bow, New Hampshire and it shows. They have been building top of the line commercial fryers since 1915 and have earned their reputation in high demand restaurants all over the world for long lasting reliability and easy no-brainer operation. If you’ve been associated with the commercial food service industry for more than 10 minutes you already know that Pitco builds the best when it comes to professional grade fryers. Pitco builds 3 different levels of fryers, entry level with no-frills, high production fryers and high production – high efficiency frying systems. The digital SG-14 is their flagship, top of the line design.

What we know…

It is in excellent condition. When I picked it up, the guys at the warehouse told me that it was never used or installed. There no small oil spatters that you would normally find anywhere – no basket scratches and the burner tubes have that sort of velvety unused look to them. Also it was very dusty when we picked it up as it should be if it was just sitting.

Please enlarge the pictures and have a look at the fryer close-up. Check out the mirror reflection from the speed rail and the condition of the burners inside the cabinet. The stainless steel exterior has the look of chrome and the wells are new and spotless. There is still a lot of white vinyl put there at the factory. The filter comes on strong and runs quiet. 

The basket lifts are the best in the industry and operate strong, silent and smooth. You rarely see these fryers with basket lifts but not because people don’t need or want them. Basket lifts cost $5,800.00 for each fryer and typically the only buyers that can afford to buy them with basket lifts are schools and government agency’s.

If you loose track of time – your fryer won’t….

The digital controls along with basket lifts are designed to give the operator more precision in the way fried food is processed but more importantly it gives the operator more freedom in the kitchen. If you are a one man show or seem to go through a lot of “new-hires” and you just don’t have time for mistakes then owning a fryer with basket timers and lifts is priceless. Just fill the basket, hit the button and go do anything else. No more over-cooking or trying to remember how long basket #3 has been down. When the basket is done your fryer will lift it out of the oil and let you know. It’s a much better way to go especially when you are managing 4 baskets. It also eliminates any sort of guess work if you seem to go through a lot of temporary staff.

With 4 baskets continually going up and down there is no way you won’t be able to keep up with demand. You will absolutely love this frying system when the kitchen gets slammed!

The Energy Star rated burner is the same dependable burner design Pitco has been using for over 50 years. The fryer uses 220,000 btus and recovery times are measured in seconds. The fryer is designed to handle large orders of chicken, fries and seafood. If your business depends on a lot of frying than this is the best equipment you can own!

Requires 2, 110 volt outlets for the fryer and 2 for the overhead warmers.