Groen digital 40 gallon electric tilt kettle model DEE/4T-4CA in new-never used condition & ready to go to work!


Product highlights:

–        Simple, dependable  – state of the art design

–        208/240 volt 3 phase electric

–        Advanced digital controls

–        1 minute to 10 hour Timer

–        Place it anywhere – does not require an exhaust hood

–        Most  sought after kettle in the industry

–        90 day parts and labor warranty

–        Free palletizing

–        New pricing $45,089.00

–        Never used – left Groen on June 17 2023! 



Groen products are proudly built by American’s  in Jackson, Mississippi and are sold all over the world. Their products have earned their reputation for ease of operation, high performance and long lasting reliability. If you have been associated with the commercial food service industry for more than 10 minutes you already know that when it comes to steam jacketed kettles and tilt skillets – Groen builds the best! The 40 gallon is designed to keep up with the demands of any large kitchen while not taking up (or heating up) valuable floor space.

This is Groen’s newest and best 40 gallon tilt kettle they make using the Advanced Digital Controls. The controls give you a faster set up, digital accuracy and a timer that can be programmed from one minute to 10 hours.

This is a short video by Groen explaining the Advanced Digital Controls. You can scroll past the first half showing the entry level version.  (you’ll need to copy and paste)

This high performance kettle would be a perfect choice for any high demand restaurant, institutional kitchen or a large catering operation. Steam jacketed kettles are non-scorching and are perfect for Soup Du Jour, stock, re-fried beans, salsa, Mac N Cheese, craft beer, fudge, Artisan candies, BBQ sauce etc.

What we know…

The kettle has never been used and was shipped by Groen on June 17th 2023 and I’ve given you a picture of the data plate so you can see that for yourself. It is set up for 208/240 volt, 3 phase electric and comes with the new OEM related parts. Draw valve, draw valve brush and strainer.

There is nothing like new except new. Not “used very little” and surely not re-conditioned. New means that you are the first one to use it. New means that you won’t have to deal with issues left by the previous owner and you can start out maintaining it right so it will last 50 years if need be. Most importantly, new means no problems.

If you look up the Groen model DEE/4T-4CA you will find that it is a mixer kettle and that is what this beautiful kettle is. I called and spoke with George at Groen tech support for the history and was told that it was built and went right to engineering so that they could take measurements and readings in order to modify and fit the mixer portion to this new style cabinet. If you look close at the pictures you will notice that the top of the cabinet is slightly raised. The mounting plate for the mixer attachment is still under the plate and the extra supports are still in place inside the cabinet to support the added weight of the mixer. You will also notice that there are bolts behind the cabinet for attacking the mixer control box as well as the locking flange up on the left side of the kettle lip for when the mixer is lowered and locked.

If you currently own a mixer for the Groen 40 gallon and are having some issues with your kettle, this may be a great opportunity to save to lots of money over replacement cost. The kettle alone with the Advanced controls and set up for as a mixer kettle would cost more than $45,000.00 and if you add the mixer – $82,500.00

This is a 3 minute video I made in an effort to show you the kettle. It’s a little shaky and probably best watched on your phone.  (copy and paste)