Groen 20 gallon gas kettle model AH/1E-20

in new condition and ready to go to work!


Product highlights:

–       Simple, dependable  – state of the art design

–       Optional 3″ draw valve w/strainer

–       Natural gas or propane – you choose

–       Locking casters

–       Efficient high performance – 89,000 btus

–       Most  sought after kettle in the industry

–       90 day parts and labor warranty

–       Free palletizing

–       New discounted internet pricing $21,477.50



This listing is for a Groen 20 gallon steam jacketed kettle model AH/1E-20.

Groen products are proudly built by American’s in Jackson, Mississippi and are sold all over the world. Their products have earned their reputation for ease of operation, high performance  and long lasting reliability. If you have been associated with the commercial food service industry for more than 10 minutes you already know that when it comes to steam jacketed kettles and tilt skillets – Groen builds the best. The 20 gallon is designed to keep up with the demands of any large kitchen while not taking up (or heating up) valuable floor space. 

This high performance kettle would be a perfect choice for any high demand restaurant, institutional kitchen or a large catering operation. Steam jacketed kettles are non-scorching and are perfect for Soup Du Jour, stock, re-fried beans, salsa, Mac N Cheese, craft beer, fudge, Artisan candies, BBQ sauce etc.

The Groen AH/1E-20 is the most dependable kettle build design that Groen has ever made. The E stands for electronic ignition and to me that’s a pretty big thing. No one wants to get down on one knee, hold a valve button while trying to blindly find the pilot with a lit match. Plus when you turn the kettle off the pilot goes out and there is no flame burning overnight in the kitchen. 

There are no circuit boards that may pop and smoke leaving you unable to produce. This should your choice if you are out, far from any sort of repair service and you need dependability and production. It’s also a great choice if you’re like me and would rather keep it simple than have to deal with a lot of electronics.

What we know…

The kettle is in new condition. Please take a minute to enlarge the pictures to get a close up view of this beautiful kettle. It operates as you would expect a new kettle to work. The all stainless construction is flawless and has the look of chrome. The jacket water is crystal clear and the gauge holds a solid -20 when not in use. It comes with the optional 3″ draw valve and opening it will drain the kettle instantly.  

Looking at the picture of the burner lit you will notice a little yellow in the flame. That is due to using propane with a kettle set up for natural gas. We don’t have access to natural gas at our shop so our only choice to test anything has to be propane. Using natural gas would give the burner a beautiful, even blue flame.

If you need the kettle set up to use propane we will convert it for you at no charge. 

Overall footprint runs on average 30″ Requires 1, 110 volt connection.