Groen 20 gallon gas tilt kettle model DHT/1-20

in new condition and ready to go to work!


Product highlights:

–       Simple, dependable – state of the art design

–       Auto ignition

–       2″ Draw valve

–       Propane or natural gas – you choose

–       Commercial whisk

–       Strainer

–       Pull out commercial spray faucet

–         Most  sought after kettle in the industry

–       90 day parts and labor warranty

–       Free palletizing

–       New pricing $31,380.00



Like everything we sell, this beautiful kettle came from a government agency. The kitchen at the school only used their equipment to warm up pre-made items and rarely had any sort of need for a 20 gallon kettle. It was used very little and is in excellent condition. Please take a minute to enlarge the pictures to get a close up view. It operates as you would expect a new kettle to work. The all stainless construction is flawless and has the look of chrome. There are gallon marks etched into the inside of the kettle making set-up a snap. The jacket water is crystal clear and the gauge holds a solid -20 when not in use. There are no circuit boards that may pop and smoke, leaving you unable to produce. The kettle lights fast and tilts smooth, safely and effortless.

Check out the close-up picture of the most important part of any gas fired equipment – the burner. This has to be in good, clean, rust-free condition not only for the longevity of the equipment but for safety reasons as well. In this case the burner and jets are in unused condition and the burner plate looks like a mirror.  Before you spend a lot of money on a kettle, no matter who you buy it from, demand two things. Get a good clear picture of the burner and get at least some sort of warranty in writing. Both will go a very long way in telling you the condition of the equipment and the sort of seller you are dealing with. 

I provide a large whisk with every kettle I sell with the hope that the new owner will use it. So often, operators use a metal spatula for stirring the kettle and it really gives a beating to the inside of the bowl leaving divots and scratches. The whisk does a better job and is harmless to the kettle and because the inside of the bowl is in perfect condition, we should try and keep it that way. Also comes with a commercial spray faucet that pulls out long enough to reach the other side of the kettle.

Overall foot print 36″w x 29″d It is set up for propane gas and requires one 110 volt connection. If you need it to be set up for natural gas we will convert it at no charge.