Cleveland Range 40 gallon gas tilt skillet 

model SGL-40TR “DuraPan”

in excellent condition and ready to go to work!

(Please enlarge the pictures for a close-up view)

Product highlights:

–       Simple, dependable  – state of the art design

–       Gallon/liter marking in the pan

–       Optional OEM pan holder

–       130,000 btus

–       Auto ignition

–       Natural gas or propane – you choose

–       Power tilt

–       90 day parts and labor warranty

–       Free palletizing

–       New discounted internet price – $27,330.00




This listing is for a Cleveland “DuraPan” 40 gallon gas braising pan model SGL-40TR. The 40 gallon is for the commercial kitchen without a lot of room under the hood that needs to get a lot of production done.

Cleveland Range equipment is proudly built by American’s in Cleveland, Ohio and is sold all over the world. They have been perfecting commercial restaurant equipment since 1847. Their products have earned their reputation for ease of operation, high performance and long lasting reliability. All Cleveland equipment is designed and built to be used by the professional chef in high demand environments.

Fry 65 pieces of chicken, 65 hamburger patties or 55 fish filet’s in 6 minutes. How about 40 gallons of soup or stew or use it to steam veggies?  After the sale I will send you a cook book with hundreds of recipes designed for this exact skillet. This high performance skillet would be a perfect choice for any commercial restaurant, institutional kitchen or large catering operation and is the most versatile  piece of equipment you can own!

What we know

This beautiful tilt skillet was bought along with a few others by a local school system. Some were put into service right away and two were held until needed. This pan was brought out to a school location where it mostly sat covered in plastic and used as a table to set things on.

The braising pan is in great condition. Look close at the new condition of the pan. The skillet comes up to temp fast and the thermostat works perfectly. The controls are simple and problem free. The gallon/liter marking are easily seen on the back of the pan.

The skillet comes with the optional pan holder and it helps to make the operation go a little easier. It’s a handy place to set ingredients and working tools and it is a great thing to have during clean-up. It’s there when you need it and pops off when you don’t.

Please check out the condition of the most important part of any gas appliance – the burner. The burner has to be in clean, rust free condition not only for the longevity of the appliance but for safety reasons as well. Before buying anything gas, always ask for a close-up picture of the burner. It’s the best way to tell the amount of use and how well it was taken care of.

Video of the burner in operation –

Small overall footprint – 48″w x 34″d – Requires 1, 110 volt connection. Currently the pan is set up for natural gas but if you need to use it with propane gas we will convert it for you at our cost of conversion parts.