2020 Frymaster 3FQE30U – 3 well 6 basket frying system

w/touch screen computer controllers, on-board filtration & auto top-off!

State of the art – commercial-grade – high production frying system set up for 208/240 volt 3 phase electric and ready to go to work!


        Product highlights:

–         Frymaster’s most latest, reliable and easy to use design

–      FQ 4000 Easy Touch controllers

–      Foot Print Pro on-board filter system

–      Oil Attendant auto top-off oil replacement

–      Oil quality sensor

–        Energy Star rated

–        Locking casters

–        Each fryer complete with 8′ 6 gauge SO cord

–      90 day warranty that covers everything

–      New discounted internet price $51,966.00 (Currently back-ordered) 




This listing is for a Frymaster 3 well 6 basket frying system set up for 208 to 240 volt 3 phase electric. It comes equipped with the latest technology Frymaster has to offer. They put it this way and I think it’s a great way to describe it.

Frymaster’s FQE30U electric fryers are the ultimate oil-conserving, high-performance fryers. As operators are pressured to do more with less, the FQE30U electric fryers help improve profit margins with labor and energy-saving features, contribute to green and sustainability initiatives, safeguard workers, and move toward healthier eating.

Top of the line system by far…

This is no toy made in China. Frymaster equipment is built with pride by American’s in Shreveport, LA and it shows. They have been building top of the line commercial fryers since 1935 and have earned their reputation in high demand restaurants all over the world for long lasting reliability and easy no-brainer operation. Frymaster builds fryers in 3 different levels. Small stand-alone single fryers, 2, 3 and 4 well fryers with no frills and multi-well frying systems in many different configurations. The FQE series with the Touch Pad controllers is their most current system and their Flagship top of the line system. It was designed for the professional Chef operating in a high demand kitchen and built to work all day – every day.

It comes from a franchise test kitchen and after the fryer has been purchased, I’ll let you know which one. The fryer was used maybe once a month for a couple hours for about a year to fry up new test ideas for the franchise. It doesn’t look like it was used at all.

Just a few things that will make your life much easier…

This beautiful frying system will occasionally sniff the oil and tell you when you should filter. All you have to do is say yes or no. With on-board filtration the whole process takes about 4 minutes and you’re going again all while the other two fryers are still in operation. How sweet is that?? But that’s not the best thing….

You pre-program endless options for what you fry most and when the kitchen gets slammed all you do is look for the item on the touch screen, push that description and drop the basket. But that’s not the best thing….

How about Frymaster’s Oil Attendant? You slip in a box of oil under the right fryer, insert the hose and when any of your 3 fryers are thirsty your fryer pumps oil up to that fryer from the box. Nope, still not the best thing…

This fryer speaks 4 languages and even tells you when to dispose of your oil. It’s a pretty impressive system and the fryer won’t let you get it wrong!

Everything about this beautiful frying system has been well thought out and integrated…

My opinion is that the real “best thing” about this system is that it takes all of the decision-making out of the hands of the user. If you are a franchise or high-demand operation, you most likely go through a lot of new hires. You no longer have to train them on when to filter or how long to cook a large basket of shrimp. The fryer does that now. This system will give you consistency and being able to count on consistency raises production more than anything. Taking out the human error element and depending on the fryer to get it right gives the owner great peace of mind and a much more successful operation. The system also makes sure that all of the operation is done safely from frying to maintenance.

The video below take you though the ease of programming the touch controls, filtering, oil top off etc – It just doesn’t get any more simple.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8miRAp6RNms  (you’ll need to copy and paste)

Complete specs:   https://d2ozjyx6njcqak.cloudfront.net/media/pdfspecs/FRYFQE30U-E.pdf

The overall footprint is 31″D x 47″W  Each well requires 1) 208/240 volt 3 phase connection